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Effects of Aging on Skin

As we are all aware of changes occur with our bodies as we age, new aches and pains, slower healing, changes in our appearance. But why does this happen? As you likely know the Grand Canyon was created over 70 million years of erosion by the land by the Colorado river. The same principles apply to the body. Time and outside forces change the landscape. The areas exposed on your body like your face and hands change with years of sunlight. They change with years of gravitation forces pulling down, they even change with your preference of sleeping on your left side. How skin ages can be placed into three main categories Thinning. Over time, the epidermis and dermis thin...

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The Truth About Sun Damage

Sun Damaged Skin This happens secondary to the damaging rays of the sun, specifically ultraviolet rays. The lifetime barrage of sunlight on our skin changes the cells within different layers of the skin. In the epidermis (superficial layer of skin) sunlight can cause pigment changes by damaging melanocytes and create free radicals (damaging molecules) that further damage surrounding cells and proteins. In the worst of situations continued cell damage from the sun can eventually develop skin cancers like melanoma. In the dermis (deeper layer of skin) sunlight wreaks havoc on important protein structures within the skin. Collagen (a major structural component of skin) can be damaged by the sun over time and lead to weakening and changes in the protein...

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An introduction

     I am a pharmacist first and foremost. I do not purport to cure any illnesses with my products or information. I strongly believe everyone should see a doctor for any illness or ailment. These products and information are not a substitute for pharmaceutical, surgical, or emotional care. In addition, I believe it is highly important that you consult with your doctor before adding any herbal supplements to your daily routine. Furthermore, as a pharmacist, I am asked for alternative recommendations on a daily basis, so I am using this platform to share my knowledge of the subject from a scientific background.       The most interesting part of pharmacy, to me, is how drugs work inside the body,...

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